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Building Your Roadmap to Retirement

Armstrong Purselley Wealth Management Group

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The Armstrong Purselley Difference

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a lifelong relationship. Concurrent with managing your life savings, Armstrong Purselley makes education a core part of our service by helping you understand what is happening with the economy and the impact on your portfolio. You can work your entire life to accumulate enough wealth for an enjoyable and comfortable retirement only to find you have come up short at the very last minute. One of the biggest risks you face today is not having enough money to last through your retirement. Many times retirees underestimate the length of time they will need their portfolios to provide income as well as how much money can safely be withdrawn during retirement. We want to make sure this never happens to you. Our goal is to simply help you achieve your long term financial goals, regardless of market conditions. We invest your portfolio according to your age, goals, risk tolerance, income needs and time horizon. With a limit on the number of client relationships handled by our firm, you are not just another number. Your own investment counselor—not a “back office support team”—is who you will hear from on a regular basis.