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Building Your Roadmap to Retirement

Retirement Roadmap



Armstrong Purselley Wealth Management Group has developed a unique process for helping clients identify their current financial position and provide a clear roadmap for staying on track.  This roadmapping process allows your advisor to help you develop clear goals and strive to accomplish them while monitoring progress at pre-set intervals. 

Armstrong Purselley Wealth Management Group has developed this process because we know that financial security does not just happen by chance.  It takes years of deliberate planning to accumulate, preserve, distribute and transfer wealth.  Our advisors will work with you on these roadmaps to help with your retirement, no matter what stage of the process you are in.  

There are three roadmaps in your path to retirement and beyond - click on the links below to see more:

Accumulation Roadmap - for those planning for future retirement

Distribution Roadmap- for those who have or soon will retire

Wealth Transfer Roadmap - for those who desire a smooth estate transition to their heirs and beneficiaries