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Building Your Roadmap to Retirement

Why Use Armstrong Purselley Wealth Management Group

Why Use Armstrong Purselley Wealth Management Group?

Use This Checklist To Compare Our Services With the Services Of Other Advisors

APWMGOther Advisors
Financial Planning
1)  Evaluates all aspects of your financial lifeYes?
2)  Helps you determine realistic financial goalsYes?
3)  Identifies any savings shortfallsYes?
4)  Analyzes effective methods to claim Social SecurityYes?
5)  Suggests ways to fund health care in retirementYes?
6)  Reviews your children's custodial accounts and 529 plansYes?
7)  Prepares a financial plan and/or an investment policy statement for youYes?
1)  Reviews your existing investmentsYes?
2)  Determines the risk level of your existing portfolioYes?
3)  Studies possible alternatives that could meet your goalsYes?
4)  Provides you with unbiased investment researchYes?
5)  Prepares an asset allocation model to help you achieve an optimal rate of return for a given level of risk toleranceYes?
6)  Helps you consolidate and simplify your investmentsYes?
7)  Helps setup access to your statements and other information onlineYes?
8)  Monitors your investmentsYes?
Relationship With Advisor
1)  Works with you to develop a long-term retirement roadmapYes?
2) Develops a proactive retirement income planYes?
3)  Inquires about changes in your life and family financial situationYes?
4)  Helps ensure the continuity of your family's financial plan through multiple generationsYes?
5)  Works closely with other professionals (CPA's, attorneys) to help you meet your financial goalsYes?
6)  Maintains regular and timely communicationYes?
Our Firm
1)  A dedicated team of four licensed advisors and support staffYes?
2)  Independent advisors not tied to national wirehouse or productsYes?
3)  Offers educational workshopsYes?
4)  Holds exclusive social events for clientsYes?