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Building Your Roadmap to Retirement

Women and Finances

Specialized Financial Planning for Women

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It’s time to organize your finances, prepare for unknowns and look forward with confidence.

Shawndi Purselley, CFP® is very passionate about the financial planning needs of women. She has found that most women typically do not plan for a financially healthy lifestyle and believes that conventional financial planning leaves out a many important factors only experienced by women.

Factors Affecting Women Today:

  1. The main factor is longevity. Women at age 65 can expect to live another 19 years, three years longer than a man of the same age.¹ This means you will possibly need more income for those extra years.
  2. Women are more likely to hold part-time jobs, or full-time jobs that do not qualify for a retirement plan. They are also more likely than a man to interrupt their careers to take care of family members; therefore working fewer years and contributing less towards retirement accounts.¹
  3. The population of single women has tripled in the past 50 years—a 204% increase. The poverty rate for all women aged 65 and older is 10.7%—just over one in ten. The poverty rate for single women is almost twice as high at 17.4 %.² Nearly all single older women receive less than $750 a year in asset income.³

There are only a few ways to receive retirement income:

  1. Your Social Security benefit
  2. A retirement plan at work
  3. Your personal savings

Please give us a call at 214-545- 3304 to schedule your free one-on-one meeting. Shawndi also speaks to groups regarding women and finances. If you would like to book Shawndi for your group meeting, let us know.

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