Ep 23: You’ve Got This Babe – Late Bloomer

 We can often feel pressure to have everything figured out early in life, but it’s important to step back and realize we are not in a race. On today’s show, Shawndi will tell us her story of becoming a business owner in her late 30’s and some advice to other late bloomers …

Ep 19: You’ve Got This Babe – Learn to Say No

We find that many women have trouble telling people no in many aspects of life. Whether it’s giving money to children, or taking care of a family member, many women worry about disappointing those around them and will put themselves in uncomfortable situations for the sake of others. …

Ep 17: You’ve Got This, Babe! Caregiving and Care Receiving for Women

We are living much longer today thanks to modern medicine and technology. While this is certainly a positive development, we also need to be aware that most people will need some assistance with care as they get older. We see that many women take on the role as the caregiver for their spous …

Ep 16: Not Your Father’s Retirement

If you’re of the age that your mom and dad retired 20 or 30 years ago, the world was a much different place when they walked away from their paychecks. Let’s talk about how things are different now. Subscribe To The Show On Your Favorite App:

Ep 15: Mailbag – How Much Should I Save In My Emergency Fund?

Back by popular demand, we are answering mailbag questions that have come into the show. A few topics of discussion include how much to save in an emergency fund, what to do with your 401(k) money after you retire, and rebuilding your finances after a divorce. Subscribe To The Show On Your …

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