Jeff Carlton

Director, Marketing and Business Development


Jeff is in charge of Marketing and Business Development for Armstrong Purselley Wealth Management Group.  After graduating from Rhodes College with a Bachelor of Arts in International Business and earning his MBA from Dallas Baptist University, Jeff worked for five years with Brian and Shawndi at another independent financial advisory firm prior to Armstrong Purselley.  Jeff is the Committee Chair of Boy Scout Troop 326 and has completed three full marathons.  He is also a diehard TCU football fan.  He and his wife Jennifer along with their three children are active members of Arlington Heights United Methodist Church in Fort Worth.


Favorite food:  Smoked ribeye

If you could meet anyone, past or present, it would be:  C.S. Lewis

Favorite book:  Mere Christianity

Favorite holiday:  Thanksgiving or Halloween

Something on your bucket list:  Backpacking across Europe